dark star was evil and wanted to destroy everything.slowly dark star stole peices from zex and pop labs building a secret weapon called infecters.then the infecters became star bots the the standard color of a star bot is black with a red head.

making the magnetizerEdit

the parts of the magnetizer were hard to find and tracking down popbot 1 was even harder!after popbot 1 lost connection popbot 5 went to tech sqaure to see what happened to his freind but as tech sqaure crashed he was smashed and later popbot ultra 5 went after him with zexbot ultra10 and a baby dragon.the head of popbot 1 was then placed in the megnetizers power block and the body was in richmond for it had fallen off tech plains.after the loss of popbot1 and the disappearence of popbot5 poplabs sent popbot 40 after them and was also destroyed.

the down fall of dark starEdit

after popbot ultra 5 ,or as he likes to himself zx, found his jet smashed he lost his old robot hand to his enemy and got the head of popbot 40 and fixed his freind to get back to his time there he stopped the invasion and the one knows what happened after that. some say he was absorbed by tech sqaures still infected remains of poplabs.