popbot 1 was built in 600775 in tech sqaure


popbot 1 was the most important peice in poplabs and the dark star magno find the faceplate poplabs sent people to the void,the most danger place ever,the face plate was by far the best peice in the bot puzzle.after that the head was used from the remains of the super tanker project.the neck ring was made in nector town as zex labs was starting.things speeded up after the creation of the holo console and machines.after the console was made the parts were dragged in a holographic form to where you wanted them.after this the parts would be made sent into a conveyor belt machines would build the machine and an automatic knife would carve the manufacturer name on it.


during the popbot era he was shifted to various positions to avoid capture by rivals and once dark star heard of the many moves poplabs kept pop1 in one place.

being a part of the planEdit

being made with the most techno faceplate and head peice this makes pop1 the most importent peice to dark stars magnetizer.dark star found pop1 in herb isle after 5 months of blasting all over tech plains.pop1 fought bravely but in the end he was punched trough by starbot 1 his dark star counter part.starbot 1 grabbed pop1s head as pop1s body rolled down and off tech plains down to richmond.