one of popbot 1s freind he vanished after tech sqaure failed to stay up.whats weird is that he was designed to survive something like that.


the peices on the console weren't as advanced as poplabs expected so they had to make peices and add them to the consoles membery chip.and popbot 5 was the newest color to bot history.he was camo!once he and pop1 were freinds right after they met in Galtic sqaure.

the end of pop1Edit

after pop1 had gotten back to tech sqaure from baltic sqaure they talked on their comlinks but pop1 turned to static after they heard a growl.

after this pop5 knew he had to find his freind.he left galtic sqaure as the bomb plan was in action on the carrier.


as pop5 was going to pop1s last location he felt a shake then saw a giant dark cloud as red ships came from it.and he saw skyrotractors leaving towards sector 6.and then the zex lab flew up and disintigrated and it became clear:teach sqaure was doomed,and he was trapped in tech sqaure!tech sqaure smashed on petersburg shattering pop5.pop ultra 5 later found pop5s pop bag