the rival of zex labs poplabs plans to build a time machine and once dark star industries came out dark star became a direct rival and zex labs was working and eventully put pop-labs out of the weapon service


THE downhands of the companypopbots come in various colors. security is white,warp gate attendets are green,blue stands for basic,green with white stripe stand for pilots.

Tech sqaureEdit

tech sqaure was hq for poplabs and is the target of dark stars energy bomb but zex labs stopped dark star before long enough for poplabs to make a sheild over tech sqaure

nector townEdit

the 4th base for poplabs was the first to be infecteed by dark stars icopotheium gas and the infected zone is the lab the dark star gaurd is starbot 6078 but dark star hadn't intended to make this bot the gaurd and it had a malfunction