after the citys around it were destroyed by the infection tech sqaure floated in secret until dark star found it with an infection keeper radar.


located west of the graveyard poplabs was located here for a reason.during the infection poplabs was failing and broke in two and fell off tech sqaure


located near the junk yard zex labs was a small industry at the time poplabs was manufacturing popbots and was growing by the time poplabs could think to the end though as tech sqaure ffailed to stay afloat zexlabs was sucked into dark star galacticas blast engine and destroyed

the demiseEdit

the last skyrotractor to leave left one person behind.the creator of poplabs had sacraficed himself and was killed by the fall.the doom of tech sqaure seemed certain after pop labs had failed to stay up ripping the sheild power cord out and dragging it down with the lab