zx,popbot ultra5,is different from others because he is a cyborg.he had his hand blown off and his robot hand comes in handy when escaping a closed place and you need to climb up because he can reach his arm up and pull the rest of his body up.he is the pain in the but to dark star and the chosen one to zex labs and other popbots especially to his freind pop40.he pilots a small skyrotractor called a nimbus tract.he was the bot chosen to be the time jumper for poplabs time machine but was sent way farther then intended so that he cant stop darkstars invasion unless he repairs his time machine.follow the soon coming lab battles


zx may be a popbot but hes still human.when he was small he had a tail and blue and orange outfits.he was raised on apples and he had quite a few freinds like chad also a popbot.he has no education and had a best freind named carnarge.when fused they create the man named zarc.his current weapon is a pole.he has died many times.sometimes from his attack called zx-plosion.


his first ever move was learned as a child called tail beam witch is a beam fired from his tail.he also learned a kamehameha move.he soon modified it to switch blade kamehameha in witch he generates energy blades and fires them with a beam and they turn into a kamehameha.he also owns the bang bing bang rush attack.the zx-plosion is a discharge of energy where zx explodes massive waves of energy taking zxs life and the preys.


eyes:green(mystic green) hair:black

skin:tan status:retired(partial)

teams:pilot and delta(retired delta member)